Name: Veronica Speedwell or Creeping Veronica

Latin: Veronica filiformis

Not the best pic of speedwell, I will do better and update this.
Not the best pic of speedwell, I will do better and update this.


Control Difficulty: Moderate to Hard ✭✭✭✭✰


Best Control Product:  Cool Power or any three way herbicide containing DCPA. Regular triplet won’t do the job, an ester based three way herbicide is the only way.

Identifying Traits: Oval bright green leaves with scalloped edges growing opposite each other on stems. Veronica speedwell is very low growing and can be found mixed into the turf but only seen by looking below the grass blades. Tiny white flowers with a bluish purplish tinge appear in late spring to early summer. The flowers are small and somewhat cupped.


Details on Controlling Veronica Speedwell

Where and When: Veronica actively grows year round but will only be in flower for about one month. Speedwell prefers moist acidic soil but will grow in full sun as long as there is some soil moisture.


Control Procedure: Veronica speedwell needs to be treated rigorously for full control. It is recommended that you treat with Cool Power ( see link above to purchase this product), at the highest label rate. Repeat treatments will be necessary every ten to fourteen days. You may need to make two to four return sprays before full control because it is such a slow growing, and dying, plant. The best time of year for treatment is when it is in flower or early fall. Remember that controlling veronica speedwell is difficult so be persistent.

More veronica speedwell
More veronica speedwell


Organic Control Methods: Veronica can be hand pulled because it has a very shallow root system, however it will be very tedious work and is not advised. Any attempt at pulling such a low growing weed will only result in frustration. Be aware that small cuttings and pieces of the plant, such as when it is mowed, can sprout into new areas of speedwell. This weed will not usually kill areas of turf and even though, left untreated, it will spread through an entire lawn, it allows other plants to grow through it and does not choke out turf.

Notes: Veronica is occasionally used as an outdoor rock planting, in fact that is how it originally invaded turf, for that reason I strongly urge anyone to not choose this plant. Veronica is too invasive to be used as a desirable plant.

Veronica Speedwell is also called “Corn Speedwell” in some areas.

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