Controlling Moles

Turf devastated by moles

A common mole control product I use has come off patent and a competitor has jumped in with a very appealing offering. The product I have been using is Talpirid, and it works great. I have always had good results with Talpirid so it excites me to see a generic putting downward pressure on the market price. Continue reading “Controlling Moles”

Regenerating Perennial Rye – the best high traffic area grass seed

If you have ever re-seeded or over seeded a cool season lawn then you know the struggle in deciding which turf grass to choose. Most of the time a blend of blue grass and ryegrass is chosen. Blue grass for its regenerating properties through rhizomes and the rye grass for its quick germination and hardy nature. Where one type is strong the other lacks, until recently. A new perennial rye grass has gained U.S. patent that boasts a rye grass with stolons, meaning it self heals and thickens on its own. Continue reading “Regenerating Perennial Rye – the best high traffic area grass seed”