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Regenerating Perennial Rye – the best high traffic area grass seed

If you have ever re-seeded or over seeded a cool season lawn then you know the struggle in deciding which turf grass to choose. Most of the time a blend of blue grass and ryegrass is chosen. Blue grass for its regenerating properties through rhizomes and the rye grass for its quick germination and hardy nature. Where one type is strong the other lacks, until recently. A new perennial rye grass has gained U.S. patent that boasts a rye grass with stolons, meaning it self heals and thickens on its own. Continue reading

A toro slice seeder

Should I aerate and overseed or slice seed?

Which Is Better Aeration & Seeding or Slice Seeding?

A toro slice seeder

Which machine will better serve your needs.


When fall comes, and with it cool temps and moist ground, seeding becomes the single best thing you can do. It is often disputed which method of application for seed will produce more germination, aeration and over seeding or slit seeding. It seems like in the lawn care market it’s a pretty even split in opinion among providers. The answer may be a little more blatant than you think.

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