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Controlling annual bluegrass

poaAnnual bluegrass is a persistent problem in lawns throughout the united states. Annual bluegrass or poa annua and commonly called spear grass is most notable for seed heads throughout the lawn in late spring and early summer. The seed heads will appear even on a neatly mowed lawn and break up uniformity. These seed heads will release and create the following years annual bluegrass crop. Continue reading

Need help controlling violets?

Wild violets are one of the most persistent and difficult weeds to control. Even the untrained eye can spot violets in a stand of turf. The purple flowers in the spring are just a reminder that they are still there and growing. Violets are a rhizome so they continue to spread and push up new shoots, slowly conquering the landscape you work so hard to  manicure.

A patch of violets

Please help me get rid of these violets

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