Find any pesticide label or MSDS online with these tools

Have you ever had trouble finding a label? Perhaps you forgot the dilution ratio for a product. Do you still need to put together your MSDS book( the actual OSHA regulation may be found HERE, part 1910.1200 [g][8] ) ?

If this sounds like you then worry no more. We have the perfect method for getting any label or MSDS.

Keeping a material safety data sheet, for all chemicals you store, is the law



  • First look on the data base located  HERE. Add a book mark so you can find your way back. This page, made by CDMS, has both labels and data sheets for many of the chemicals used in the turf care business. Just browse for different products by manufacturer or use the search box. You can even check off a button to search only for T&O results.
A great resource for lawn care product labels


  •  If the site above doesn’t have the chemical you are looking for you will have to put in a bit more effort. Check a search engine by typing, into the search box; the chemical name, manufacturer, and keywords such as “label”.
Try searching the web


  • If all else fails use the fail proof, most involved, and longest method. Call your distributor,  retailer, or manufacturer and request both a pesticide label and M.S.D.S. While making your request, for your data sheets, remember to ask the representative if they have an online resource for there chemical information. 

Do you have any methods or resources for obtaining labels? You can share them in the comments.


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