You can save money by using regular dish soap as a surfactant

This is a trick that works quite well, check out the results pictures I posted below. Using any dish soap, I like Palmolive and Dawn, is just as effective as buying a name brand surfactant. If you are wondering how to kill weeds in lawn with better results or just looking for a cheaper surfactant than this is the method for you. In fact if you check the label of both soaps it says that it is a surfactant on it. The mix ratio I use for soap is 2 to 4 oz per acre which is less than the amount needed when using a surfactant made specifically for weed control or tree products. In a backpack sprayer just a quick squirt will do the trick. Continue reading “Surfactant”

Deer Repellent

How to keep deer off trees

It is that time of year, the snow starts flying and doesn’t stop. We won’t see turf again for months in the north east and neither will the deer. Deer are a foraging herbivore, meaning they eat plants wherever they can find them, usually turf but with the snow cover they move higher and eat your ornamental plants. Nation wide they damage plants year round but especially in snow covered northern states, where the ground foraging becomes difficult.

Unchecked deer can cause severe damage to plants, even killing them completely in some situations. Some people don’t mind, enjoying the sight of wildlife in their own yards, I’m guessing if you are here reading this that is not you. Thankfully there are deterrents available that can keep deer off trees and drive them into a neighbours yard ( hopefully one that enjoys the view!)

A view of arborvitaes damaged by deer
Arborvitaes damaged by deer. Notice the damage stops just above their reach.

There are two types of deer repellent, natural products and chemical controls. Neither method harms deer, both work by either scents or tastes they do not like, but some people prefer natural methods. I list both organic controls and chemical controls here so you can choose what is best for you, it really depends on deer pressure and personal preference.

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