Product Review Qualipro Glyphosate

A jug of qualipro glyphosate

All Round-up Clones Are Not Created Equal

I don’t know what you have experienced in your own endeavors with Round-up, referred to by its active ingredient, Glyphosate, from here on out. In my trials, over the years, I have found that all of the different generics produce slightly different results. It drives me nuts, how can this be when they all have the same active ingredient, 41% glyphosate. It has to be what the manufacturers put in the other 59%, the inert clearly has an effect.

I have used Lesco’s prosecutor in the past with terrible results, when I say terrible I mean it. Absolutely nothing dying. So when my distributor came to me with a new glyphoste product, Quali-pros “Glyphosate Plus”  I was of course skeptical. I have been using Razor Pro, a Rivendale product, for years with fantastic results, I warned the distributor that I would be testing and documenting the results of the new product and if it failed I would want a refund. That new product, “Glyphosate Plus” by Quali-pro, a reputable generic chemical manufacturer, is officially reviewed below by Lawncare Mastery hopefully to your benefit.


My review: Quali-pro Glyphosate Plus- works great!

I have sprayed a few acres thus far and everything is dying just like you would expect a round up generic to do. In the few pictures I took below I mix up a backpack of just Glyphosate Plus at 4 oz per gallon, which is a low rate compared to the maximum mixing rate on the label, and it performed well. The product already comes with a surfactant in the jug so no stickers or soap, (click here for an article on surfactant), is necessary.

The label also allows for up to a 10% mix, which is 12.8 oz per gallon of water, WOW that’s a hot mix! I instead have been running around with a mix of 5%, or 6oz per gallon of water, mixed with a little triplet sf and have been killing everything I touch. The best part of the entire product is the price is a few dollars less per case than the Razor Pro I have been using, that’s always a win!

All in, I would recommend Glyphosate Plus by Quali-pro to anyone in the industry looking for a cheaper alternative to name brand Round-Up.

Results of glyphosate plus display good results