purslaneName: Purslane


Portulaca Oleracea

Control Difficulty:✭✭✰✰✰

Best Control Product: Any 24-d, dicamba combo ( such as Triplet, Mech Amine D, or ortho weed-b-gone)

Identifying Traits:

Large rubbery, wedge shaped leaves, ½” to 1 ½ inches, grow in mats on thick stems. The stems are filled with a milky, oozing sap. Stems are thick and have a reddish brown color. Thick leaves store water (much like a camel does) allowing it to thrive in any hot, dry condition, for instance surviving in a parking lot crack during a drought period is not unusual for purslane. Continue reading “Purslane”


picture of groundselName: Groundsel


Senecio Vulgaris

Control Difficulty:Easy ✭✭✰✰✰

Best Control Product: Any selective broadleaf weed control, like Triplet or Surge

Identifying Traits:

Thick, fleshy, upright stems growing anywhere from 6 inches to one and a half feet tall. Stems are hollow on the inside if broken in half. The leaves are also fleshy, about four inches long and toothed. Lower leaves are attached to stems by a leaf stalk. Upper leaves attach directly to the stem. From April to October groundsel is in flower, producing yellow blooms. The flower heads are often closed tightly revealing a small, yellow “match head” type of look.

Details Continue reading “Groundsel”


Name: Veronica Speedwell or Creeping Veronica

Latin: Veronica filiformis

Not the best pic of speedwell, I will do better and update this.
Not the best pic of speedwell, I will do better and update this.


Control Difficulty: Moderate to Hard ✭✭✭✭✰


Best Control Product:  Cool Power or any three way herbicide containing DCPA. Regular triplet won’t do the job, an ester based three way herbicide is the only way. Continue reading “Speedwell”

Controlling annual bluegrass

poaAnnual bluegrass is a persistent problem in lawns throughout the united states. Annual bluegrass or poa annua and commonly called spear grass is most notable for seed heads throughout the lawn in late spring and early summer. The seed heads will appear even on a neatly mowed lawn and break up uniformity. These seed heads will release and create the following years annual bluegrass crop. Continue reading “Controlling annual bluegrass”