One application lawn fertilizer

A picture of a lawn four months after being fed with one app material

In the past years many new products have hit the market. One of the products that has been marketed heavily is “Duration Controlled Release”  fertilizers by Agrium. You may have seen the advertisements in trade magazines, usually marketed as “Spread it and forget it” ( a throwback to the ronco oven catch “line set it and forget it”). There is also the more expensive Knox product “One and Done”, targeted for use at golf courses. So with all of the hype does the product actually work? It seems impossible to apply a fert in the spring and still have vigor in the fall. Well I have personally tested the products for three full seasons and can answer all of your questions.

A picture of a lawn four months after being fed with one app material
four months after feeding on August 20 2012

Does a one application lawn fertilizer actually work?

The short answer is yes. The duration CR products provide season long feeding. There are several formulations of the product that indicate how long the fertilizer will feed the lawn for. The formulations go in 30 day or one month increments, so there is a Duration CR 90, 120, 150 and even a 180. This indicates that the product will feed turf grass for either three months, four months, or five months, respectively. I personally have been using the 120 day formulation which has kept my lawns fed from May all the way to September.
The product is, in one word, amazing. Some of these lawns have never looked better. Because it provides a slow consistent feed all season long you avoid the fertility peaks and valleys. The turf stays one consistent lush green all season. The first year I picked one test property because, like most of the people in our industry, I was skeptical. After the fantastic results from the product the following season I treated every property I maintain with Duration Cr (excluding brand new customers). Continue reading “One application lawn fertilizer”

Product Review Qualipro Glyphosate

A jug of qualipro glyphosate

A jug of qualipro glyphosate

All Round-up Clones Are Not Created Equal

I don’t know what you have experienced in your own endeavors with Round-up, referred to by its active ingredient, Glyphosate, from here on out. In my trials, over the years, I have found that all of the different generics produce slightly different results. It drives me nuts, how can this be when they all have the same active ingredient, 41% glyphosate. It has to be what the manufacturers put in the other 59%, the inert clearly has an effect.

I have used Lesco’s prosecutor in the past with terrible results, when I say terrible I mean it. Absolutely nothing dying. So when my distributor came to me with a new glyphoste product, Quali-pros “Glyphosate Plus”  I was of course skeptical. I have been using Razor Pro, a Rivendale product, for years with fantastic results, I warned the distributor that I would be testing and documenting the results of the new product and if it failed I would want a refund. That new product, “Glyphosate Plus” by Quali-pro, a reputable generic chemical manufacturer, is officially reviewed below by Lawncare Mastery hopefully to your benefit. Continue reading “Product Review Qualipro Glyphosate”

Controlling Moles

Turf devastated by moles

A common mole control product I use has come off patent and a competitor has jumped in with a very appealing offering. The product I have been using is Talpirid, and it works great. I have always had good results with Talpirid so it excites me to see a generic putting downward pressure on the market price. Continue reading “Controlling Moles”


You can save money by using regular dish soap as a surfactant

This is a trick that works quite well, check out the results pictures I posted below. Using any dish soap, I like Palmolive and Dawn, is just as effective as buying a name brand surfactant. If you are wondering how to kill weeds in lawn with better results or just looking for a cheaper surfactant than this is the method for you. In fact if you check the label of both soaps it says that it is a surfactant on it. The mix ratio I use for soap is 2 to 4 oz per acre which is less than the amount needed when using a surfactant made specifically for weed control or tree products. In a backpack sprayer just a quick squirt will do the trick. Continue reading “Surfactant”

Regenerating Perennial Rye – the best high traffic area grass seed

If you have ever re-seeded or over seeded a cool season lawn then you know the struggle in deciding which turf grass to choose. Most of the time a blend of blue grass and ryegrass is chosen. Blue grass for its regenerating properties through rhizomes and the rye grass for its quick germination and hardy nature. Where one type is strong the other lacks, until recently. A new perennial rye grass has gained U.S. patent that boasts a rye grass with stolons, meaning it self heals and thickens on its own. Continue reading “Regenerating Perennial Rye – the best high traffic area grass seed”