Measure turf using Google earth

Today instead of a written post I put together a video on measuring turf with Google earth. This is just a quick demo on how simple it is to measure a lawn from the office which will save you a ton of time and money. Let me know if a more in depth tutorial is something you would be interested in below in the comments. I use to tools in the video plain old Google maps, which is free to use, and the paid tool Google earth pro  which allows you to measure the area of polygons without having to do the math yourself.


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Price a service without losing money

lcmgoblinPricing service is the single most deceptive part of running a lawn care business. It is difficult because what seems like a profitable job on the surface occasionally becomes a loss. Overhead costs are too often overlooked. Not pricing services properly can be the downfall of a business and there is no worse feeling than making sales, working long hard days only to find out that in the end you’re losing money, or put more simply paying your customers to do work for them.

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What are competitors charging?

Pricing lawn services

The worst feeling in the world, when your are in the lawn care industry, are the minutes just before a bid package is opened. You spend hours of time and effort measuring, talking, gathering data and product prices for a prospect to put a price together. As you wait for bids to be read aloud you anxiously look on at competitors bid envelopes, wondering what number they arrived at and how they go about pricing lawn services. Will their bids be so low it wasn’t even worth the time you spent on this project or so high you could have comfortably added another fifteen percent to your number? In lawncare price point is everything and only rare customers, especially commercial clients, care more about quality than pricing. How can you be sure you are on the same level as the competition. Continue reading “What are competitors charging?”