Can my fertilizer machine cause unnoticed fertilizer burns

Today lawncare mastery is answering a reader question, the question being: Can my fert machine cause fertilizer to spray, unnoticed by the driver, in amounts which will result in burn patterns of different shapes and sizes? РJohn

Measure turf using Google earth

Today instead of a written post I put together a video on measuring turf with Google earth. This is just a quick demo on how simple it is to measure a lawn from the office which will save you a ton of time and money. Let me know if a more in depth tutorial is […]

A picture of a lawn four months after being fed with one app material

One application lawn fertilizer

Have you considered using one-application fertilizer but won’t because it seems like a sham. I have three years of testing these products under my belt and want to share my results with you.

A jug of qualipro glyphosate

Product Review Qualipro Glyphosate

A product review of Quali-pros generic round-up, called “Glyphosate Plus”. I have tested it and share some before and after pics for your own careful review.

Controlling Moles

A common mole control product I use has come off patent and a competitor has jumped in with a very appealing offering. The product I have been using is Talpirid, and it works great. I have always had good results with Talpirid so it excites me to see a generic putting downward pressure on the […]